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Author:Nand, Niraj Ravinesh.
Institution: University of the South Pacific.
Award: M.Sc.
Date: 2006.
Call No.: pac In Process
BRN: 1019110
Copyright:40-60% of this thesis may be copied without the authors written permission

Abstract: The method of choosing the best boundaries that make strata internally homogeneous is known as optimum stratification. In order to make the strata internally homogenous, the strata should be constructed in such a way that the strata variances for the characteristic under study be as small as possible, This achieved by having the distribution of the main study variable known and create strata by cutting the range of the known distribution at suitable points. In this research the problem of finding the Optimum Strata Boundaries (OSB), which minimizes the variance of the estimated population parameter under Neyman allocation, is formulated as a Mathematical Programming Problem (MPP). The frequency distributions of the study variable are considered as continuous with Triangular, Standard Cauchy, Power and Standard Normal density functions. The formulated MPPs was converted into a multistage decision problem that was solved using dynamic programming technique. Numerical examples are also presented to illustrate the computational details of the solution procedure.
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