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Author:Munshi, Tahir Hussain.
Institution: University of the South Pacific.
Award: M.A.
Subject: Geography -- Study and teaching (Secondary) -- Fiji
Date: 1987.
Call No.: Pac G 76 .5 .F5 M8
BRN: 864049
Copyright:60-80% of this thesis may be copied without the authors written permission

Abstract: My concern is with the teaching of geography in the secondary schools of Fiji. my study I attempt to analyse two particular aspects of school geography: (1) the rationale for the introduction and continued development of geography in the school curriculum; and (2) the situation of geography as a subject in the schools during the mid-1980s. It is my hope that such an analysis will not only indicate the trend that school geography should take in the near future but will also give direction as to how curriculum developers could invigorate geography in the schools. The study of any particular school subject necessitates scrutiny of the school curriculum and educational system as a whole. The present study attempts to analyse the development of education in Fiji from an historical perspective, discuss the status of school geography, and to identify and suggest solutions to the major problems now facing geography. At the time of undertaking the study geography was not taught in a significant number of secondary schools and the proportion of students enrolling for it was noted to have steadily declined in the last ten years (1975-85). Moreover, the 'brighter' secondary school students show an inclination to the natural science options. In terms of employment opportunities, there is a greater demand for young people with a natural science background than for those with social science. Hence, the value geography has in the school curriculum is a question which needs to be examined carefully. Tn relation to the image of geography in the curriculum, Kirby (1980:86) asks "... what is the ability of a subject like geography to survive in the coming decade?" He highlights the ill-disposition of geography in schools. Yet geography is a subject of enormous educational value. It assists in developing pupils' abilities in observation, memory, imagination, reasoning and judgement, Above all, geography helps in the "inculcation of a geographical outlook" (UNESCO, 1965:9). To summarise, then, my concern is particularly with; firstly, how the teaching of school geography could be improved to arouse the interest of the "better" students, and secondly, how the geography curriculum might be made more relevant to the needs and cultures of the people of Fiji.
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