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View the PDF document Indigenous parental perceptions of fijian language and their effect on children's access to fijian language studies
Author:Rika-Hicks, Sainiana Senikau.
Institution: University of the South Pacific.
Award: M.A.
Date: 2008.
Call No.: pac In Process
BRN: 1048618
Copyright:Under 10% of this thesis may be copied without the authors written permission

Abstract: The role of social institutions such as families and schools in facilitating language transmission is becoming increasingly critical in light of the nature of cultural transition vulnerable indigenous societies are experiencing in these new times. This qualitative study conducted on indigenous parents within an urban area seeks to ascertain parental perceptions of the Fijian language and how these perceptions affect their children's access to Fijian language studies. This study recognizes that perceptions are crucial in language growth or decay, language restoration or destruction. Perception is something an individual has which defines his or her behaviour. Data gathering processes employed in this study include in-depth interviews and observations, two methods widely accepted to bring about realism in research findings. The study has revealed that there are internal and external factors influencing parents' perception of Fijian language. The acceptance of formal education as the pathway to better living standards along with the belief that English language is the one and only language necessary for educational success, has encouraged parents to believe that Fijian language has no purpose in schools. Society's role in exacerbating and contributing to this view coupled with the effect of lower socioeconomic status on the type of decisions parents make regarding their children's education also have implications for the language transmission efforts. Parents' preference for their communalects over standard Fijian signifies an internal dilemma that affects the study of the Bauan variety or standard Fijian in Fijian schools.
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