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View the PDF document Determination of iodine content in locally available foods using spectrophotometric kinetic method
Author:Chandra, Ajenesh
Institution: The University of the South Pacific
Award: M.Sc. Chemistry
Subject: Iodine | Analysis, Food | Fiji | Analysis, Food | Mineral content, Minerals in nutrition
Date: 2019
Call No.: Pac QD 181 .I1 .C43 2019
BRN: 1380804
Copyright:10-20% of this thesis may be copied without the authors written permission

Abstract: Iodine is one of the essential trace elements that is important to human health and has been of great interest in nutritional research studies. It is vital for the generation of hormones in the thyroid. These hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) are needed for the proper functioning, growth and development of the human body. A deficiency of iodine in the human body for prolonged periods will result in the thyroid working harder to maintain the right amount of hormones in the blood and eventually leads to goitre which is the enlarged thyroid or swelling of the thyroid gland. Iodine deficiency in the human body is also linked to other health problems such as endemic cretinism, infant mortality, infertility, miscarriage, mental retardation, neuromuscular defects, and dwarfism. All these are known as Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDDs). IDDs are major health problems throughout the world, especially for young children and pregnant women. Many studies have reported that, IDDs pose a threat to the social and economic development of countries as well. Therefore, a knowledge of the daily iodine intake (DII) as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) is important. Food being the major iodine source for the human body needs to be carefully analysed for iodine contents so people can understand, know and plan their DII. Thus there is every need for all citizens around the world to be knowledgeable of iodine and especially for Fijians because of limited research and public awareness on the topic.
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